How to exterminate the beetles and formidable grubs ?

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Are you infested with beetles or grubs?

The month of May also means the return of beetles or barbel! The larvae of European chafer (referred to white worms) has already started nibbling the roots of your grass plants such as grass, clover, strawberry, wheat, oats, corn and some conifers. And no matter whether the lawn around your house, on golf courses, in parks or cemeteries, a huge feast takes place at your expense …

If you are not thinking fast enough, unfortunately, in late May, you will see the damage: the loss of your lawn!

The solution? Take proper means to get rid of beetles! You do not have the time to get started quickly? Contact our exterminators! They are ready to help you whether you are in or around Montreal 514-381-3555

What you need to know about the beetle …

beetle insect of Québec

The larvae destroy crops and attract other pests

The larvae of the beetle are food for many animals, such as skunks, groundhogs, moles, raccoons, starlings, etc. If these animals come and return on your property, they dig holes and they peck your lawn. It’s a sign that they feed on beetles larvae. And as it is a popular choice for them you’re not done fighting against parasites!

* Pro tip: when you lift a sod 30 cm2, check the number of larvae that you will find. If you find more than five on the surface, there is risk of damage. In this case, contact an exterminator solve the problem quickly.

Why beetle larvae are destructive?

Once hatched, the larvae live in the soil, feeding on grass roots. Coincidentally, they prefer the Kentucky bluegrass, one of the most commonly used by people to select their turf grasses. Eaten by the root, plowed by skunks searching for the larvae they crave, the lawn weakens and dies. It turns your lawn creates spongy yellow plates. Also, anything that affects the health of your lawn causes it to weaken and thin out. It will promote the infestation by allowing the beetles to lay more easily.

A problem begets another!

“In recent years, the situation of infestation residential lawns became critical in the Montreal region, mainly since the establishment of the Pesticides Management Code and the prohibition by several municipalities of chemical use in horticulture. In the region of Lanaudière, the same phenomenon is being observed.” Normand Tellier, horticultural technician and owner of la Jardinière du Nord, at Saint-Félix-de-Valois

How to fight against beetles and their larvae?

Lawn Maintenance

According to all sources, it seems that the best way to prevent infection is to keep the grass healthy and vigorous. It must also maintain a lawn and provided good cultural practices, for without these preventive efforts, the infestation will return and these parasites lay their eggs continuously. To this end, it is important to understand the life cycle of the insect. Fertilize and aerate the soil, keep the height of the grass to 6 or 8 cm and space watering to prevent excess moisture and to allow grass roots to grow deep.

Larvae Prevention

A simple preventive measure is to avoid growing crops that attract the larvae such as corn, strawberries and potatoes. Also avoid mowing your lawn within 3 inches because beetles prefer to lay their eggs where the grass is clean, easier to access. Every culture in poor condition can also be more easily threatened by grubs. We must therefore maintain the cultures in the best growing conditions.

Trapping and screening beetles

It is common to see the evening barbels, especially males, to rush on the outside lights at the onset of hot weather from mid-May to late June. Trapping adults can therefore easily be done using light traps. Adults do not harm vegetation, but we can get rid of, preventive, drawing them in a bucket of water under a light bulb. Place a large funnel, flared side up on the bucket. Insects attracted to light slide into the bucket. In the morning, kill them by pouring soapy water into the funnel.

Use of pesticides

Some pesticides are suitable for the fight against beetles. They are accepted by the Quebec Pesticides Management Code. They are approved and certified as organic and environmentally friendly. There nematodes and Merit. The trick is that you need to apply the insecticide at the right time, otherwise there will be no result …

For more information on these insecticides products and their use,contact one of our professional pest management today.

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