Thermal treatment: the best against bed bugs

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You’ve just moved into a new place and you find a nasty surprise… bedbugs!

Don’t panic and act fast! Your first instinct should be to immediately call a trusted exterminator such as our exterminators in Montreal!

Our pest management professionals are available even in an emergency, 24h a day, 7 days a week to eliminate bed bugs. In addition, all our treatments are guaranteed in writing!

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There are several possible treatments to exterminate bedbug. While some methods, such as chemical method, require recalls. The extermination by heat treatment allows for better and more sustainable results.

It is certainly important and advisable to act quickly and call a recognized expert in pest management and ask their advice.

Thermal treatment against bedbugs

Cette méthode écologique est la plus employée et est très efficace à tous les niveaux.

C’est pourquoi cette méthode est prioritairement recommandée par les exterminateurs. Des garanties de qualité sont souvent offertes en gage du service. Toutefois attention! Les œufs de punaises de lit sont tenaces et nécessitent une exposition plus prolongée à la chaleur que les punaises adultes.

This ecological approach is the most widely used and is very effective at all levels.

That is why this method is primarily recommended by exterminators. Quality guarantees are often offered as a pledge of service. But beware! The eggs of bed bugs are tough and require a more prolonged heat exposure than adult bugs.

The effectiveness of heat treatment on bed bugs depends on the temperature and their time of exposure to the heat.

The bed bug will die after 90 minutes at a temperature of 113°F (45°C). However, it will die after only 20 minutes at a temperature of 118°F (48°C). You understand that a slight variation in the degree of heat can make a difference!

Please note by against the eggs that have not hatched yet are genetically engineered to be more heat resistant and take longer to die. In order to obtain a death rate of 100 %, the eggs have to be exposed to a temperature of 118 ° F (48 ° C) for 90 minutes. This information comes from the Virginia Tech Department of Entomology.

Treatment with steam can be an effective alternative!

The steam treatment is effective to exterminate bedbugs and even their eggs! Regardless of their stage of development, they will be destroyed! Note that steam will not be sufficient against the infestation if it is too large.

It is very important that the steam be extremely hot to avoid the formation of moisture and the risk of mold on your mattress. Moreover, your steam machine must not propel too much air and blast the bugs away. The heat treatment must be used in addition to other anti bug treatments for more effect.

Be careful in the rental of your equipment and do not neglect quality. The more effective material must be capable of producing a low vapour flow and high temperature of 165 ° at, at least 7 bar pressure . It is best to use professional units that use dry steam which allows for faster drying.

What are other possible anti bed bug treatments?

There are several alternative treatments to exterminate bed bugs but their effectiveness is in doubt.


The effectiveness of freezing even over a long period is in doubt. Some bugs may survive the process. Cases even report that bedbugs have returned alive frozen after thawing …

Diatomaceous earth:

Diatomaceous earth is a little more recognized as a means of prevention. It has an abrasiveness that is fatal to bedbugs. As a treatment is not automatic and that insects will die slowly, diatomaceous earth is therefore less effective.

This product is safe for the health of humans and animals. You must still use a mask and close the windows during application to avoid spreading.

Chemical treatments:

This treatment usually requires one or two recalls at intervals of about 20 days, since chemical treatments are rarely effective against eggs that are more resistant than larvae and adult bugs. In addition, some bedbugs have developed a huge tolerance to the most powerful pesticides.

Hermetic bed cover:

n most cases , 60% of bed bugs settle are in your mattress ! Be prepared! Use a mattress cover designed against bedbugs to prevent your mattress from becoming unsanitary! This solution is efficient and environmentally friendly since the anti-bug cover prevents them from reaching your mattress and making it their home!

Remember to always seek professional advice and carefully read the instructions on the labels of the products you use.

Prevention by an exterminator is the best way to stop an invasion of bed bugs!

You can trust our pest management specialists in Montreal! They will choose the best solution for your situation. Our pest control experts have access to many products and know the most effective ways to exterminate bed bugs.

Contact our exterminators today and get a discount on the extermination of bedbugs.

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