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House Cricket Extermination

Groupe AZ Extermination exterminator House Cricket

Common name: House Cricket
Latin name: Acheta domesticus
Appearance: It measures 16 to 20 mm and is light brown to brown on top. Females are distinguished by the presence of male an ovipositor, long tube and end at the back of the abdomen that is used to remove the eggs in the soil.

Domestic cricket lives mainly during the day, during which he benefits from the heat. It may still be active at the beginning and end of the night, especially when temperatures are high. It burrows into the ground where he took refuge in case of danger.

Nourishment: These omnivorous insects feed including leaves, seeds, fruit, other living or dead insects, food debris, peelings, cooked meat and bakery products.

Reproduction: Breeding takes place in the spring and continues throughout the summer, the females being able to lay many times. Males attract females stridulating, a sound produced by rubbing their wings (elytra). They lay eggs in many wetland. Small adults are identical, and are less than a millimeter. They grow quickly to reach adult size in about two weeks.

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