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Mouse and Field mouse Extermination

A to Z Extermination exterminator mouse mice

If you see mice around your home, suspect a problem within it. In your home or business, the mice look for food and potential sources of water. We must not overlook the presence of the mouse. Despite the fact that they are so cute, mice proliferate rapidly (five to eight litters of ten mice per year.) In an environment conducive to their survival and reproduction. Their damage can be substantial … even some houses sustained fire because of the mouse …

At the first sign of the presence of mice in your home, have them exterminated! Speak to one of our professional pest management, whether you are in Montreal or the surrounding area! For a free estimate, click here!

To learn more about this undesirable rodents and means of prevention, read the following article.

Do not live with the presence of mouse …

The house mouse is more often found in homes and businesses than rats. It infests museums, garages and tends to occupy inaccessible places such as inside walls and under the floor. The mouse can easily nest in a box, closet, attic, where there is access to the whole house!

The mouse is considered a dirty animal disease carrier. House mice carry diseases such as meningitis (about 69% of mice are infected) or tapeworm. They also carry many pathogens they transmit or biting fleas they carry. Specifically, they transmit hantavirus, which, if not treated quickly leads to coma and death of the infected person.

Moreover, as they leave behind an unpleasant smell of urine, filthy food with his greasy fur and droppings everywhere. The mouse also tends to cut their teeth on the structure of buildings and son on electrical circuits, causing real damage such as house fires.

Health precautions (source Regulatory Agency Pest Management).

You found mouse droppings in your home or business? Do not take risks … potential diseases are usually contracted with urine or droppings of rodents. The people likely to be in contact with rodent droppings or urine must take the following precautions:

  • Wear rubber gloves and a dust mask while cleaning.
  • Wet droppings and debris with a mixture of water and bleach and wiping them, do not use your vacuum cleaner because the dust during cleaning could contain highly pathogenic microorganisms ..
  • Wear gloves to pick up and remove dead rodents.
  • Wrap dead rodents in doubled plastic bags and throw them in a garbage can with a tight fitting lid.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and wash separately from other clothes clothes exposed.

Prevention is the cornerstone of the fight against rodents (mice, rats, mice) in homes.

How to prevent the presence of mouse? The following measures are recommended to prevent rodents from getting inside houses or to push the outside of your property:

  • First identify mice entry points, from basement to attic;
  • Install metal weatherstripping under doors and caulk windows.
  • Cut the weeds and weeds near the house.
  • Cover the ventilation ducts of dryers, attic vents or soffits with fine wire mesh.
  • Install classic mouse traps. You can try ultrasound traps, but combine them with conventional traps for efficiency. Do not forget to check often your traps to avoid rots a mouse in the trap, causing the formation of worms in the body;
  • Store your food in airtight dishes and boxes. Think that mice can get into a big hole like a dime !;
  • Eliminate water sources such as leaky taps, sweating pipes and open drains.
  • Use mouse bait, they can be tacky or poisoned. Either can be effective if combined with a traditional trap clip. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging as the poison baits are highly toxic to humans;
  • Spray a repellent thirame based on the lower trunk of young ornamental trees and shrubs to prevent mice from damaging it;
  • Have it vaporize or extend rodenticides around your property (for businesses, it could be ideal) to poison unwanted rodents. Team up with an exterminator for added security.

You are the victim of a mouse invasion and effort and money you have invested in purchase of products to get rid did not bear fruit? It would be better for you to contact an exterminator as soon as possible. Team up with one of our professionals passionate about the pest management.

They ensure a flawless job, are fast and discreet, identify mice access, install professional bait, offer wise distribution of traps and surveillance, refill traffic patterns, personalize advice and follow up. Written warranty!

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