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German Cockroach Extermination

Groupe AZ Extermination exterminateur german cockroach

Common name: German cockroach

Latin name: Blattella germanica

Appearance: Also called Cockroach, in color from bronze to light brown. It has two parallel dark streaks running from the head and make it to the base of the wings.

Habits: This cockroach is among the most common and widespread in the world. It may be found everywhere, especially in many human habitations. In colder climates, it is found elsewhere than near houses because it has poor resistance to cold.

Nourishment: The German cockroach is an omnivore. It particularly appreciates starch, sugary foods, fats and meat.

Reproduction: Each egg produces a large number of nymphs and the time is very short from birth to sexual maturity. In addition, the mother carries her eggs with her during the development period.