Carpenter Ants In The House?

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A to Z Extermination exterminator Carpenter Ants

You recognize that ant? This is the carpenter ant, present in Quebec houses, wether they’re new or ancient. This insect, considered a true scourge thrive in your home to install the nest and digs tunnels and galleries, and in the utmost discretion.

The damage caused by this ant is considerable, even from the perspective of keeping your home intact, at the first sign of his presence, you absolutely have to call an exterminator. It will not matter to repel carpenter ants, but to destroy them completely.

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How to detect the presence of carpenter ants in your home?

Carpenter ants come in different aspects. They can be brown, black or red, large, small and winged. If they decide to storm your home, as new former, it is because it is a stable place, protected from weather and where there is food and especially water for support themselves.

The presence of ants in your home can, first of all, warn you of a moisture problem and a problem of insulation or cracks. Indeed, as this insect prefers rotten and wet wood and decaying (also like the new wood and styrofoam), it will be found in large quantities where there is water. This ant will also benefit from all the crevices, open windows, cracks in the foundation, the junctions between the house and vegetation such as tree branches or pipes heating or air conditioning system to enter your property and settle.

Therefore, the ant tunnels into mouldings, stairs and wooden window frames, the empty spaces between walls, attics where doors dig and will stay there even in winter.

Good to know: These ants do not eat wood, unlike termites. Unable to digest cellulose, they dig the wood only on housing.

Tips and tricks for the early identification of carpenter ant infestation before:

  • Inspect all places that are very wet and poorly ventilated and the places where the house is in contact with the vegetation.
  • Determine if there is indeed an infestation of carpenter ants or just a few individuals that roam the house. Check specific places where there could be a lot of ants, for example under the kitchen sink, in cabinets where you store your food in the bathroom in the basement, etc.
  • If possible, observe the ants in search of food, which seeped into your home, and their movements. It is possible that trail leads to a mother colony outside of the house, the main nest or a satellite nests. You will have taken an important step in the process of extermination of insects.
  • Watch for swarms of winged ants looking to escape to the outside, usually in the spring. These ants have taken home by storm the previous fall, remained all winter and are in search of food.
  • Locate and monitor the accumulation of chips similar to sawdust outside the ant galleries as well as cracks in the woodwork. This will tell you that there are galleries of ants close!
  • Try to recognize the sound of an ant colony activity where you saw the exit or enter. A characteristic rustling dry is easier to hear at night when ants are most active and the silent house.

Above all, do not let the carpenter ants invading your home or business! At the first signs of the presence of carpenter ants in your home, Contact our specialists from A to Z Extermination to exterminate them efficiently.

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