How To Prevent The Presence Of Cockroaches In The House?

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A to Z Extermination American Cockroach

Are you afraid of finding cockroaches (commonly called cockroaches in Quebec) in your apartment, in your restaurant or home?

This could happen to you, and no matter the season. To avoid the presence of German and American cockroaches in the home or business, here are some tips to prevent them from your exterminator in Montreal.

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First, where do the cockroaches hide?

German cockroaches (the most common in our area), U.S. (as pictured above) or brown bands, live in places where water and mild temperatures abound.

They adapt easily to new environments and survive in any humid place. Cockroaches, such as bed bugs, do not necessarily live in dirty places, but somewhat neglected. If they do not lack anything, they will breed and at that time, it will be increasingly difficult to exterminate them.

Although well refuged in hiding these unwanted insects emerge during the night in search of food. If you suspect the presence of these pests in your home, they may hide in some typical places. So you will need to check these places:

  • Basements;
  • Kitchens;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Gardens and greenhouses;
  • etc.

You can find them, more precisely, in your food, under the sink, near baseboards, in closets, behind the refrigerator, in crevices (especially eggs or egg cases) in used furniture and appliances, etc.

Cockroaches can come from such a neighbouring home already infested in household you pick up in the street or in the boxes you bring your groceries (or product delivery cartons to your food establishment).

N.B if you see cockroaches active during the day, it is a sign that the infestation is present and is more serious than you thought … Evaluate the situation as soon as possible by an experienced exterminator!

Means of prevention

* Note that these simple means of prevention can be adapted to all possible places where you can find where there is food such as a food establishment (grocery, warehouse, supermarket) restaurant, bars, bakery, pastry shop, butcher, etc.

The first thing to do to prevent the presence of these unwanted insects in your home or business is to control all the conditions for their facility or the water or moisture, food, opportunities for infiltration, etc.

* Important advice: all tenants of an apartment building should be aware of the presence of cockroaches and should collaborate in the monitoring program to ensure its success. Otherwise, there will be migration to other cockroaches uninfested housing and it will be increasingly difficult to exterminate them completely …

In Your Kitchen:

  • Clean under appliances such as the refrigerator, and the dark, damp corners that are near a source of food. For example, a small layer of fat accumulated behind the range can ensure the survival and reproduction of cockroaches.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes on the counter or sink at night (when cockroaches are active). If you do not have time to clean, soak in soapy water.
  • Keep food away in sealed boxes and in well-closed cupboards. Cockroaches can make holes in pulp cardboard boxes, for example, or break the plastic bags.
  • Upon your return from the grocery store, lay the transport boxes (if you have not taken bags). They may be contaminated by cockroaches eggs. Prefer your own reusable bags when you go shopping.

Waste management and housekeeping:

  • Place your garbage in sealed plastic bags, if possible, and remove them every day or as often as possible. Make sure your trash is also close properly …
  • Regularly vacuum to remove food scraps lying around on the floor. Try to vacuum as much as possible in the cracks and crevices around the refrigerator, under the stove, etc.
  • Eliminate any possible source of moisture in the bathroom or in the basement, the plumbing leaks or condensation. If possible, get a dehumidifier. Cockroaches are sensitive to lack of water, especially in infancy, and if this is the case in less than 30 days, they will die or migrate to another dwelling.

* Tips : control of moisture, improving lighting in dark places and usually ventilation in wetter areas encourage the extermination of cockroaches.

The possibilities of infiltration:

In order to prevent the entry of cockroaches in your home, fill in cracks with sealing for your home, install fences or screens on vents, seal around windows and entrance doors properly.

In case of an infestation of German cockroaches (the most common) or American cockroaches, contact your local exterminator. Professional assessment is free and the intervention of pest management professionals is fast, discreet and effective!

Do not wait to be infected, call us toll free at 1-855-312-1162 or use our online submission form.

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