Destroy A Wasp Nest?

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A to Z Extermination Wasp Nest

Before considering any action against a wasp nest, you have to overcome your fear or your phobia and whether the destruction is really needed. Indeed, some species of wasps are absolutely not aggressive; aerial nests are designed by non-aggressive species, unlike those who make underground nests.

What to do if you there is a wasp nest? If the air nest is too close to your home or at the most attended places, it is understandable to want to destroy it, but if it is at least 2 feet from your property, it may not be necessary to destroy.

For information on wasp nests, contact our exterminators >> 514-381-3555. If you want to take steps to destroy it by yourself, here are some suggestion and advice for you.

A Wasp Nest, what should I do?

Wasps begin to build their nests in the month of June or earlier in the year. Everything will depend on if temperatures are sufficiently mild and warm. The wasp colony will grow all summer up until after several thousand individuals. It will live until the autumn and off with the death of the workers and the queen, for lack of food and because of the cold. If you find a nest in the fall or winter, it is definitely dropped and no wasp will settle on the return next spring.

The wasp tolerates no traffic around the hive and defends its nest over a wide area. It could therefore attack you if you are too close … The first thing to do to protect yourself against wasps is of course to learn not to annoy them and not to panic when one of these critters revolves around you . You have to remain calm. Do not make grand gestures, only very slow movements and do not panic. Most of the time, they bite because they feel attacked or threatened.

Destroy or not the Wasp’s nest?

A to Z Extermination Wasp Nest

Wasps have a very beneficial effect in nature, since they feed on insects and thus act as a natural insecticide. If the wasp nest is too close to your patio or your home entrance, you can install, at proximity, a trap. Try placing the trap a little away from traffic areas, if possible on the usual passage of wasps. There they will be imprisoned so you can re-locate. There are also fake nests that attract wasps elsewhere.Check our products available at the service counter. This way, you’ll have peace of mind and you will not have to take risks of destroying the nest.

Sometimes the destruction of the nest is required. * First, note that it is strongly recommended to call in experts for the destruction of wasp nest. If necessary, you may get bitten, and you may have an allergic reaction. So be very careful and always act at night or very late at night, because the cold slows wasps.

If you get bitten and you are not allergic, here are some tips to reduce pain: 10 tips.

You can use an insecticide spray, but insecticide powder (often toxic) will be more effective, especially if you use it with a bellows. The wasps will die within 24 to 48 hours. You can remove the nest soon as you are sure that there are no more wasps flying around the nest. Be alert and avoid the place for about a month after the chemical treatment to avoid damaging your health.

If you want to get rid of a nest of wasps underground, do so at night. And, after confirming that it was indeed wasps who occupied this nest. You can first plug the nest to stifle wasps. This will avoid the use of chemicals. Put soil on the nest entrance and cover it with a plastic maintained by heavy objects. The method is very effective.

If the presence of wasps worries you, exterminate wasps by our professional pest management, whether you are in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore or West Island.

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