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The importance of identification

Better to avoid approaching wild animals. They can carry diseases, fleas and parasites in addition to being dangerous to your safety. Use our identification service so that our experts can identify the animal and offer safe solutions. Our certified technicians offer you to identify, capture and relocate the animal for you. Groupe AZ Extermination has the expertise and equipment necessary to remedy the situation quickly and effectively.

Which kind of intruder is it?


Mainly nocturnal, this animal is hairy, medium sized, gray with a dark striped tail. Raccoons are omnivorous.


Nicknamed stinky beast, skunk is a black hairy animal with two white stripes on the back. It has the ability to secrete noxious odours to defend themselves.


Of the rodent family, groundhog is also called squeaker. This brown hairy animal lives mainly in the mountains and grasslands.


The mole is an animal feeding on insects. Its main feature is that it digs underground galleries where it lives.


Bats are nocturnal animals, winged, small size that have the ability to move in the dark through echolocation.