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Pest Control Service

Whatever type of business you own, we can control, prevent infestation, monitor the presence of unwanted intruders and totally destroy these parasites. We offer personalized professional pest management services and proven and effective solutions.

We offer a full range of pest control services tailored to our different areas of intervention:

  • Parasitic effective control programs tailored to your needs
  • An innovative preventive service for indoor and outdoor
  • An emergency call service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • An insect identification service combined with a consulting service
  • Use of certified green products

We solve the problem at the source

Are you an owner? You deserve a healthy and free of insects living space. For peace of mind, the solution is simple, team up with our experts parasitic control!

We work in the following sectors:

  • – Innkeeper
  • – Restoration
  • – Agri-Food
  • – Food distribution
  • – Superstores
  • – etc.

How we do in 6 steps:

A à Z Extermination Service de gestion parasitaire


First, our professional extermination perform site inspections to identify the most likely places to find the invaders (entrances, exits, etc.).

A à Z Extermination Service de gestion parasitaire


Our technicians analyze the scene according to the daily activity of trade, its size, and the number of people present at the scene during a typical day.

A à Z Extermination Service de gestion parasitaire


We identify carefully the parasite by determining what type of side they are. We will be able to advise you on the most effective treatment to counter the problem at the source.

A à Z Extermination Service de gestion parasitaire

Long-term solutions

Our complete analysis will allow us to develop a sustainable solution. Thus, the sanitary conditions will be ensured and long term.

A à Z Extermination Service de gestion parasitaire

Close monitoring

Our professionals conduct close monitoring to prevent the recurrence of adverse. Your file will be updated and documented to ensure the effectiveness of our solutions.

A à Z Extermination Service de gestion parasitaire

Guaranteed service

At A to Z Extermination, we are so convinced of the effectiveness of our extermination solutions we offer you a written guarantee of our services.

A to Z Extermination Exterminator Pest Management


Our approach

We understand the importance of securing your application as quickly and efficiently as possible environment. Our technicians are discreet and respect at all times the rules of hygiene of your establishment, strict safety standards and requirements. You can trust them at all times.

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