Fleas At Home?

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Your pet started scratching unduly? It may have fleas!

During the fall, as you heat your properties, you let your pets go outside or you brought firewood inside your home, it is likely that these parasites took refuge in your home.

Our exterminators of Montreal give you some information to determine if there really are fleas in your home.

Fleas or bed bugs bites?

A to Z Extermination Fleas or Bed Bugs

If there are fleas in your home, you will surely be sting by it. You will wonder if you are facing a bed bug problem or fleas. You must be able to make the difference between the two, because the treatment will not be the same. So bites of fleas or bed bugs?

Bed bug bites:

Bed Bugs, to the right, does not live on an animal or a human, but rather on the mattress, couch, in drawers, etc.

The Bed Bugs bite at night during your deep sleep in places that are usually exposed while you sleep (shoulders, neck, face down, ankles, etc.). Bites are multiple (may even reach a hundred!) And grouped in the same place on the skin. The number of lesions of course depends on the intensity of infestation. Unlike fleas, your pet will not be bitten if they are bed bugs.

A to Z Extermination Bed Bugs Bites

If you have a bed bug problem, we recommend the article “You Noticed The presence of bed bugs?” and to contact our exterminators as soon as possible!

Flea Bites:

A to Z Extermination Flea Bites

The Fleas, to the left, is also a piercing-sucking insect, but lives on animals.

Since fleas jump, they may jump from your pet to you and that is why you will have bites. Flea bites are small red spots often lined by two or three, generally being on the ankles and legs. They can sting just the whole body during the night as well, depending on the infestation.

Unlike bed bugs, fleas can transmit diseases and bacteria to their hosts, especially to animals …

How To Detect The Presence Of Fleas?

Clearly your pet shows signs of the presence of fleas when he starts to lick more, to scratch, to chew or bite. To be certain that they are smart and not ticks, you need to delve into the coat of your pet.

See if you do not find small brown spots (insects and small patches of dried blood) or red bites where the fur is sparse, such as:

  • the neck,
  • the tail of the animal,
  • the head,
  • the ears,
  • the abdomen.

Or again, place a blank sheet under your pet and scratch her lower back at the base of its tail. If you see small black balls that fall on the paper, pour a few drops of water on them. If the paper turns red-orange, there is presence of fleas on your pet.

If the flea infestation is more important than you thought, these parasites have multiplied and can live anywhere on your pet and you. For example, you could find an obvious way in bedding and carpets. Walk on your carpet wearing white stockings. Fleas, these small dark insects, could jump on your socks.

How To Deal with fleas?

The treatment of your home must begin with a thorough cleaning of each room.

You must vacuum rigorously in all cracks (to eliminate the eggs of fleas), taking care to seal the bag and throw it (the eggs could hatch in the bag). You will also have to wash your clothes, bedding, bed pet and dry them on high temperature for at least 20 minutes to kill the insects, larvae and eggs. You will also have clean your carpets properly with specialized equipment.

You must get your pet treated with a product since fleas leave their eggs on their hosts. You can get one at our service counter or to the veterinarian for your pet. You will need to be rigorous and repeat as indicated or leave it to the professionals.

Your home should be treated as well. You can use organic insecticides, such as diatomaceous earth or pyrethrum powder, that you sprinkle on the bedding of your pet, on his lot, on carpets and floors. Take the time to always read the product’s instructions before beginning any treatment.

You can also try a natural treatment. However, efficiency is not guaranteed. Visit our Blog to learn more.

In cases of severe flea infestation, it may be necessary to use a fumigant for your property. Always seek advice from a professional exterminator.

The extermination of fleas may be easier with the help of professionals!

Flea Control on your pets requires attention and continuous care and you should not be taking the infestation lightly. Our professional pest management are discrete (unidentified vehicles) and can effectively get rid of fleas in a single treatment of about an hour (guaranteed available in writing).

In severe infestations, other treatments will be carried out until the extermination is total.

Get rid of fleas can be a long and sometimes difficult process. To exterminate them effectively, team up with our professionals across Montreal and the surrounding area!

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