How To Get Rid Of Harmful Rodents?

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A to Z Extermination Mouse Holes

You have found mice, rats or field mice in your home?

In the fall, some unwanted rodents sneak into your home, business or restaurant to escape the winter cold and also to reproduce.

If you have found rodents, it will be very important to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Our exterminators offer some effective ways to eliminate them by yourself. If the situation gets out of control or you need more information, Contact Us, 7 days a week, 24 hours.

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Fight Against The Harmful: what you need to know on rodents.

Some rodents have limited vision and do not really see beyond 15 cm. However, they have a much more developed sense of smell on which they can rely (even to save them from certain death!).

For example, they are able to recognize the smell of the poison is not as attractive as that of food crumbs. So even if you spread the poison everywhere, it will not scare the mice or rats …

In addition, if you manage to exterminate rodents in your home, but do not pick it up immediately, other rodents are attracted to the smell and will enter the next building by following the urine tracks that others have left. Rigorous monitoring of traps that you install must be done to avoid the retaliation of rodents …

So in order to be effective in this fight, you have to be smart, you will need to combine the use of traps and poison and you should not hesitate to ask advice from our experts.

Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents

The means to fight against mice are virtually the same as those for rats. Howerver, remember that you need to be strategic in order to be able to make the rodent ingest a fish!

The Rodenticides

Rodenticide products are designed to kill some rodents considered pests (rats, mice or field mice). The use of this poison happens to be a very effective method and one of the most used by our exterminators of Montreal . They are manufactured in liquid form, powder mixing or premixed bait. We must hide poisoned bait in a strategic location so that the rodent has no suspicions.

*Note that it is important not to spread the poison on the ground, as it may harm the health of your children and your pets. Also take care to always read product labels before purchase and use.

Rodenticides are Divided Into Two Categories:

– Anticoagulants:

The death of rats is part of this type of repellent. In this form, the fish must be taken in divided doses until the rodent dies. This poison is called “accumulation”. We must calculate 3 to 10 days after the first intake before the rodent dies. This is effective because in a few days, rodents are exterminated.

You should know that this type of rodenticide is harmful to humans and animals. The good news is that there is an antidote for this poison. If you suspect your child or your pet have ingested the poison, immediately call the hospital or Info-Santé. Keep the packaging of the product, as you must surely present it to help determine what poison was involved.

– The Convulsants:

The anticonvulsants cause muscle spasms followed by coma and death of the rodent. The treatment is quick. However, the effectiveness of this rodenticide is questioned. Indeed, if the rat is witnessing the death of his congener after eating the poisoned food, it will not touch this food afterwards.

The cause convulsive seizures are the cause of poisoning (accidental or criminal) most common in dogs and cats. Read this article from a veterinarian for more information on poisoning convulsants.

* If you want to use rodenticides in the farming community, know that there are new standards of use since January 2013. Click here to consult them.


This is a type of repellent is greener and easy to use. For example, it would seem that way to get rid of rodents would be more suitable for small rodents such as mice, as only they can hear ultrasound.

Use of this repellent is not a 100% effective. Indeed, the ultrasound will not exterminate rodents. They will flee the place where they were hiding, but may be able to take refuge in a nearby housing off of the ultrasonic action surface is about 200m2 maximum. Also, if you suspect the presence of mice in several rooms of the house, you’ll need a camera for each part.

The ultrasound effectiveness is not guaranteed and it is up to you to gauge what means will be most suitable for your needs.

* Note that rats and mice can get used to ultrasound, which will have no impact on them.

Mouse Traps

There are a wide variety of traps against rodents in large shopping areas and hardware stores. The type of trap you choose is a matter of personal choice.

The trap can be mechanical or adhesive . Unfortunately, the trap is not effective to 100%. The mechanical trap certainly has greater efficacy in rats and mice, but the glue trap is perhaps less for rats.

In addition, your rodent problem will not be solved if you do not place your traps strategically. You will also have to wear gloves to camouflage your odour. If you have a socket, take care of cleaning the trap so that the next rodent does not feel the smell of the previous victim.

If the presence of rats or mice becomes uncontrollable, team up with our exterminators!

Our professional pest management are available throughout Montreal and surroundings (over 35 cities), 24 hours/7 days to help you get rid of harmful rodents efficiently! They also give advice to prevent their presence in order to avoid the retaliation of rodents.

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