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During hot, dry summer nights, earwigs are trying to infiltrate inside your property, looking for a dark, damp corner to rest during the day and to avoid predators (your bathroom, your kitchen, etc.). Earwigs (or earwig) will not cause damage in your home … unless there are several individuals of this species, but it will be inappropriate at any time.

An infestation of earwigs is rare, but disturbing. These small reddish-brown insects leave their hiding place to search for sustenance and shelter, they crawl, climb walls, fences, barriers and can finish in the house where they were discovered in your food or cabinets and bedding is never appreciated. Its presence is undesirable since its appearance is disgusting …

Earwigs mates during the summer season. The female lays her eggs usually in early autumn. So it is at this time of the year you need to perform their extermination. Contact one of our professional pest management in Montreal and surrounding areas for the extermination of earwigs.

Is the earwig harmful?

Contrary to popular belief, the earwig is rather useful because it eats aphids and insect pests in orchards and flower beds, it pollinates the flowers and serves as food for animals. However, they can become harmful because they can cause damage to crops. They are fond of orchards and especially the ripe fruit. They also cause damage to flower crops, earwigs are fond of the young shoots of plants. In addition, these insects are vectors of viral diseases that reach the plants … So too many, it can be a problem.

Here are some ways called “homemade” to fight against earwigs yourself:

Monitor their presence …

For not having earwigs in the house, you can clog, clog or install screens in small crevices where they can enter. It is also best not to provide shelter, leaving debris (plant or others) around the house and cut the foliage that comes in contact with it. If some of your plants are eaten, for you to make sure that earwigs are responsible, a night tour with a flashlight will help you find out.

If you have a garden, you can plan ahead by quickly removing fruits and vegetables because earwigs are attracted to those who are damaged by other insects or disease. Also inspect cut flowers you bring home, there may be a earwig sleeping there …


Knowing that earwigs like to hide in damp and temperate places, you could design traps. For example, placed upright on the floor, corrugated cardboard pieces wound on themselves and maintained with an elastic, return to the ground filled flower pots of wet newspaper and lift the pots with a small stone so to leave a space where earwigs can crawl. These traps serve as home to these insects. The traps should be emptied every morning in a bucket of hot water or water in which dish soap is added to totally exterminate pests.


Earwigs are very attracted to natural foods. No need to use chemical baits. For example, use an empty can of sardines that you will not rinsed or other shallow container partially filled with essential oil or fish oil and gone to the edge will attract and will trap many earwigs. You can also have near the foundation walls of your property and around the garden, empty boxes of frozen fruit juice that you will not have either rinsed, filled two-thirds of soapy water, just the same way as your traps.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth, made with tiny aquatic organisms, may be sprinkled so that earwigs, rubbing on it, will scratch their body and die of dehydration. In the basement of your home, it is necessary to reduce the humidity rather than sprinkle diatomaceous earth so much that they are less conducive to their survival. Some insecticides are sometimes used in the case of heavy infestations. They are usually required for outside and inside your home.

Prevention of earwigs is effective to prevent the infestation!

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Prevention is better than to cure, the saying goes! The best time to treat against earwigs is in the beginning of spring. As we are almost in mid-July, you can still exterminate earwigs and get insecticide products to exterminate them by yourself.

We offer a Special Control that gives you access to treatments for prevention and extermination at a cheap price! For only $ 18.95/month, you can treat the interior or exterior of your home. Some conditions apply, contact our exterminators for more information.

Not totally harmful, the earwig is not to be feared. Of course it has an unpleasant look, but this threat weighs little for you, which will ensure that does not favour the intrusion of the insect in the house with good products and effective home stuff!

Contact us today to carry out the extermination of earwigs permanently! 514-381-3555

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