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A to Z Extermination Exterminator Silverfish

The silverfish, or commonly called “ silverfish“, is a pest and insect repellent, but not dangerous or disease carrier. Covered with bright shiny scales, it is a nocturnal insect native to the tropics reproduces rapidly and is still undesirable!

You have found a silverfish in you home or elsewhere? Read this article to learn how to get rid of it! You can call anytime, 7 days 24 hours with our professional pest management toll free at 1-855-312-1162 or via our Submission Form.

What is a silverfish?

The silverfish live very long, sometimes up to 5 years in a home (even without food and water!) And can move very fast on the flat surfaces. So it easily escapes the grasp of humans or other predators, whether in museums, libraries, apartment buildings or your private home. They eat food crumbs, insect corpses, starch, glue and various paper products.

The Silverfish is commonly found in:

  • bathrooms,
  • basements,
  • the attic,
  • in the empty spaces within the walls,
  • under the floors,
  • and in cracks and crevices.

And, when the humidity level favours their location. The presence of these parasites is a sign of excess moisture!

How to fight the infestation of silverfish?

Make no mistake, silverfish much prefer new homes than older. So no matter what type of property you found them, control means are the same.

The best way to fight against silverfish is to maintain moisture free places , for example clog the pipes leak, redo the window seals if necessary. In short, avoid water seepage. Remember to vacuum regularly and rigorously in corners. Also, clean the table scraps and crumbs, even in the most hidden and less accessible places, such as drawers, bottom of wardrobe, etc.

In addition to repel silverfish, as you move away from other insects such as cockroaches or ants that are attracted to the same things.

– Biological Control

It is easy to get rid of silverfish, at the same time you have a controlled environment using the above advice.

For the biological control against silverfish, you can use diatomaceous earth, a non-toxic to humans or pets. Used for its abrasive properties on insects, the insecticide bio can be sprinkled along baseboards, behind furniture and under appliances, under the sink, along the walls and on the route taken by silverfish. So that insects will scrub their bodies, they will die, but not automatically by dehydration.

– Homemade Methods

If you have found a small amount of silver fish inside your home or another building, you can try a homemade tip to capture pests. Know that this thing will not work if you are infected!

Take a glass jar covered with masking tape (masking tape) and place it in the most frequented places by insects. Silverfish will climb naturally on the pot and go refuge. Since they can not climb on smooth surfaces, they can not crawls out of the pot. Therefore, you can put in the pot some soapy water to kill them. Here you go!

Need help to quickly exterminate silverfish? Contact our exterminators today, whether in Montreal or in the surrounding area!

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