Carpenter ants, a hidden defect in your home …

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The damage caused by carpenter ants in buildings can be disproportionate , especially when we are not aware that these ants are established in our home! These ants benefit damp places in your home to dig the wood in order to install their colony, weakening your walls, your roof, around windows, etc.

If you are thinking of selling your home or is on sale now, you should have it checked as soon as possible to find out if you are infested with ants … Otherwise, you could risk setting remains , since carpenter ants in a property is considered a hidden defect in Quebec. And conversely, if you buy a house that is infested by ants you should know that you are protected by the Civil Code of Quebec.

At the first signs of the presence of these unwanted ants in your home, business, institution, apartment building, etc., wether you sell or you just bought, it will be important to contact a trusted exterminator quickly for an effective inspection.

Carpenter ants are the only insect that gives you access to a remedy for hidden defects after the purchase of your home, apartment building, condo, etc. in Quebec . This appeal is allowed, because the presence of these ants is very difficult to detect and that damage to building structures have serious financial consequences. But if every fall you notice the presence of ants in your home, you can not ignore the possibility of an invasion of ants because you have never made your home inspected by an exterminator. Even if you did not think you were infected, this will be considered a latent defect. Indeed, during the fall and winter, if you see some live ants walk around your property, it is a sign that they are in search of food and you are definitely infested with ants … We suggest Article “Carpenter Ants In The House?” which will help you quickly detect the presence of these pests in your property.

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Definition of a hidden defect:

“A latent defect is in itself a defect, malfunction or failure that would be likely to impair significantly the usefulness of the property concerned, at the point where the buyer if he had known, would not have purchased this property or would not have paid such a price. The defect must thus be relatively grave and serious. This applies as much to real estate and other assets (car, motorcycle, household appliances, etc.).” – Quebec Lawyer

The future buyer of your home is protected by the implied warranty in case of infestation of carpenter ants, and even if you ignore the presence of these pests in your home at the time of sale . And if you are the buyer, you may send a notice to the former owner. You will need to pay or charge:

  • Extermination Fees;
  • Research costs of nests;
  • The rehabilitation of the house and sometimes major renovations and perhaps also …/li>
  • Moving expenses;
  • The hotel costs during construction;
  • Stress and inconvenience;
  • Expert fees.

As a buyer, you will get general remedies such as the cancellation request or demand reduction in the selling price. To cancel the sale, the seller must refund the sale price and the buyer to hand over the building. For lower prices, it is generally regarded as the amount for the cost of remedial work to repair the defect. The choice is exclusively to the buyer. But if the seller had warned you of the presence of carpenter ants and the problem gets worse as you have not begun to exterminate them, this time, it would be the former owner who will be protected …

For tips on detecting carpenter ants, on ways to prevent their infestation and to make them effectively exterminate our pest management professionals are at your service!

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