Rats In My Home?

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A to Z Extermination Exterminator Rats

Think you have rodents in the ceiling of your basement because you have heard suspecting scratching overnight, but you did not see?

Wether in a home, hotel, appartement building, or trade rats create substantial property havoc (even fires!), it can also bite and spread disease such as plague and FMD.

Here is how you can clearly identify the presence of rats in your property. If you are sure to have seen it inside (or maybe outside), Contact Us as soon as possible to exterminate them!

Where do the rats hide and why we do not like?

Rats are nocturnal and prudent rodents that have adapted to survive virtually any indoor environment such as houses, business premises and buildings throughout the year. But you will rather see them inside in the fall because they are looking for a warm place and food to spend the winter.

Rats can get into any building by gnawing an opening the size of a coin. Often, rats find a weak spot, such as a small hole or crack, and gnaw their way through. They hide in basements, bathrooms, walls and ceilings in search of a safe haven for them to nest.

The rats are omnivores and scavengers. They therefore have no difficulty in finding adequate food to survive. They have an excellent sense taste which makes them suitable for detecting harmful components for them, even at low concentrations.

This makes it difficult to effectively get rid of a rat by itself.

What Are The Obvious Signs Of The Presence Of Rats?

Here are some obvious signs that let you know that there is the presence of a rat in your house or other:

The Scratches And Debris

Most often, the occupants of a home are able to diagnose the presence of rats by the noise that they do, such as scratching or movement noises.

Because of their constantly growing teeth, rats are forced to file and sharpen them constantly by gnawing solid objects they encounter: Electric wiring, newsprint, pipes, wood, fabric, plastic plate, etc. . Rats can even cause fires due to electrical disturbances that can result by biting the wires. These scratches are thus nibbling sounds.

Debris objects they have cheated will serve them to nest (where they can live by the hundreds!). So if you find yourself on the floor or in cabinets small pieces eaten, it’s a clear sign that allows you to recognize the presence of rats.

* Did you know that rats incisors never stop growing and that without the filing, they could reach 13 centimeters per year?


If you find little doubtful droppings in your kitchen for example, it may be that this is not exactly those of rats. Indeed, their droppings are similar to those of mice, but are larger (10 to 14 mm), slender and dark as theirs.

To make sure of the presence of rats, check if there are droppings in the darkest places and hidden from view, such as:

  • Behind the refrigerator or stove;
  • In dark closet, cold room, badly closed cabinets;
  • In sheds, barns, sheds;
  • Near your compost bin;
  • Under couches, beds, desks;
  • etc.

Take care also to check in suspected places where there is such cracks that communicate with the outside of the building or a nearby accommodation, etc. If you find them, do not touch them with your hands. Because in addition to contaminating the food, feces can transmit serious diseases.

The Odour

The strong odour of rats, which is reminiscent of ammonia, is still evident. But it is necessary that the rat is in an enclosed area. If ventilation is good in places where rats are, you will unfortunately not able to detect their presence. Note for example, that the more the rat infestation is important, the greater the foul smell will be strong.

The Signs Of The Presence Of Rats Are Obvious?

Get them quickly exterminated before they breed in your home! You can trust our exterminators across Montreal and the surrounding area to get rid of rats effectively!

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