What Are The Most Commonly Found Pests In Restaurants?

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Fall has definitely arrive! But the cool temperatures unfortunately do not prevent insects and unwanted rodents to infiltrate your business, home, and … in your restaurant!

A to Z Extermination is available for you to suggest organic insecticides, pesticides and certified effective extermination treatments customized to your situation.

For more information on pests (insects or rodents) most frequently found in food establishments in Quebec and how to prevent their presence, our professional pest management recommend you this article.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the slightest doubt of the presence of pests in your restaurant, no matter whether you are in Montreal or in the surrounding area.

Cockroaches, ants and flies in my kitchen!

It may happen to you …

The German cockroach cockroach or commonly known is one of the most commonly found insects in restaurants. But she is not alone. Drosophila (fruit flies), house flies and ants are also very common.

The presence of pests in commercial kitchens or in the dining room is not necessarily synonymous with filth. Of course, there maybe some gestures that are part of your bad habits that may have implications for the likely presence of parasites. For example:

Stagnant Water

You have to understand that if there is water, insects can survive and reproduce.

If your institution is suffering from an abnormally high humidity, it may be that certain kinds of insects settled there. If small leaks are common to your restaurant and are a bit neglected, insects have a source to come drink from it. For example, fruit flies (Drosophila or) recur where there is a little stagnant and dirty water.

A non-twisted mop or cloth wet kitchen simply can attract insects.

In addition, water leaks can damage the wood structure of the building and thereby attract carpenter ants (winged black).

Food …

Food is also a major factor causing insect breeding.

This can come from any simple facts such as:

  • overripe fruit left on a counter or in the open air,
  • the remaining liquor to the ground,
  • poorly rinsed beer bottles,
  • unwashed or poorly washed dishes on counters,
  • unsealed food dishes or not properly secured in the pantry.

In addition, the smallest gaps can allow a bug to infiltrate and get your food reserves. It is therefore important to avoid cardboard containers and paper bags to store your food. The larvae of certain insects can pierce unsealed containers and contaminate food.

In another vein, the delivery of fruits and vegetables to your restaurant can also cause insect infestation. For example, cockroaches can hide in a cargo of fruit from other countries. Unfortunately, this factor is difficult to control. Trusting your suppliers is paramount.

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General State Of The Establishment

To prevent pests thrive in your food establishment, you must ensure that the building is generally in good condition. For example, cracks in the seal must be repaired, the insulation must be adequate, holes in walls must be repaired, etc.

To prevent houseflies to enter the restaurant, your windows should be fitted with screens. If your floors are somewhat poorly graded, install drains if it is not already. Finally, check that there are no holes to go in the walls. Especially if you are close to a building that is infested with parasites

Mice in my pantry!

Rodents, such as rats and mice , are always in search of water and food. They are therefore very attracted to garbage. So they find their account in your restaurant, they establish in it and may even breed.

Rodents may come in many ways in your establishment: through walls, doors, ventilation grills, outdoor pipes and sewers. A low not sufficiently watertight door may even become an opportunity for a mouse to come into your restaurant.

Good practices to adopt

General cleanliness and maintenance of your property are crucial to avoid the presence of rats or cockroaches. Thus, you avoid diseases transmitted by insects and rodents, food contamination and above all, the dissatisfaction of your customers!

It would therefore be advisable to deal with pest management professionals to help you control these pests.

No matter whether you are a restaurateur in the Greater Montreal and surrounding, our specialists will conduct preventive inspections (depending on which frequency you prefer) and help you implement a program to avoid the presence of harmful pests in your restaurant.

You will be able to sleep soundly …

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