What To Do Before The Arrival Of Bed Bug Exterminators?

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A to Z Extermination Bed bugs

You found bed bugs at home, in your hotel establishment or in your inn? Do not be panic.

You have to call a professional of pest management as quickly as possible to obtain an assessment of your situation. Do not wait, as we know, bed bugs are pests difficult to exterminate over time , since they reproduce very quickly.

After your appointment, here is what you need to do while you wait for the exterminators.

Bed Bugs In Your Home?

The procedure we recommend here is primarily to avoid contamination of your other adjacent units or units with bugs. One thing is certain, if you live in an apartment, there may be bugs from another housing. Your landlord should be aware of the presence of these parasites.

If you are the owner of an apartment building (or other), You need to inspect virtually all your housing to ensure that there was no contamination so that you are not required to start the process …

Particular Case: In case you have contracted bed bugs recently in a youth hostel while you are traveling, we recommend the blog of a globetrotting traveler who also lived this unfortunate experience: “How to Avoid Bedbugs During Travel?

The Goal: totally exterminate bed bugs!

Consider that to completely destroy bed bugs, we must prevent the bugs have a chance to stay. You may find these parasites in the room, but you have to think that they might come from the living room or another room.

For an inescapable efficiency, exterminators will treat everything . It will be important to not throw anything and be disciplined to avoid contamination.


– The Cleaning

You have to buy sealed bags (different colours and sizes for more organization) to store your clothes and bedding. The goal is to transport them to your washer in your airtight bags. If you use a washing machine “public”, wait for the signs of our exterminators before going out of your bedding airtight bags.

It will be important that there is no contact between the potentially infested items and the rest of the house or establishment.

Then you have to wash your belongings in a machine with hot water or hot and dry to the highest possible temperatures for at least 45 minutes. In terms of personal belongings that you do not put, usually in the washing machine (Caps, shoes, belts, some coats, etc.) in the dryer for 45 minutes at the hottest air as possible.

When drying is completed, you will store your clothes in new sealed bags of a different color than the departure in order to know what has been cleaned or not. You will have to wait until the exterminator gives you the signal before you can take out your belongings from the bags. This can take a few weeks.

* Friendly Advice : Freezing may be part of the ways to kill bed bugs (not fully or effectively approved because the bugs come into the “hibernation” phase) and washing your clothes in cold water will not be enough.

– Vacuum

Subsequently, it will be important to vacuum the entire apartment, house or establishment. Do not overlook the corners because the sweeper will allow you to collect the eggs of bedbugs. The more you leave, the more likely they hatched another infestation. So empty drawers, cabinets, wardrobe, closet, where you found bugs in order to clean them.

When this is done, place the dust bag inside another sealed bag that you can identify. Do not throw it in the trash, wait for instructions from the exterminator.

The Extermination Of Bed Bugs

You will then get out of your home (your pets too), taking care to leave inside your home all sealed bags that could contain bed bugs

Do not forget to open the windows to aeration during treatment and after it. Further instructions will be given after the treatment because you have to wait a certain time before returning home …

* In need, another treatment will probably take a few weeks after the first extermination to ensure that all the pins and their eggs are completely destroyed. Your exterminator will provide instructions for the return to your home – that you should probably avoid for several days.

Trust our exterminators for total extermination of bed bugs, no matter whether you are in or around Montreal!

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