You Noticed The Presence Of Bed Bugs?

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Finding bed bugs at home is always a very stressful and worrisome event. Especially because of the fact that we do not always know where we have contracted them, since when there are in our home, and how to deal with this problem …

One thing is certain: if you detect the presence of bed bugs, you should immediately contact a trusted exterminator.

IMPORTANT: Do not be embarrassed to talk about your bed bug problem … It can happen to everyone, regardless of class society.

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How To Detect The Presence Of Bed Bugs Correctly

Bedbugs can find themselves at home in many ways and by various modes of transmission. Usually, they find themselves at home by accident. So do not believe this only happens to you …

For example, if you were on a trip, you might perhaps had some in your hotel room. You could just as well have them bring to your home when you picked up a used mattress on the street and bought a used furniture. Finally, perhaps your neighbour has for some time and that the infestation has spread to your accommodation …

If you suspect bed bugs, here are some clues that could confirm whether or not this undesirable presence:

  • You have bite marks on your arms, back or legs (sometimes places exposed when sleeping) and you suffer from quite a severe itching;
  • You have found small dark spots (which are actually bed bug feces) on your sheets, your pillow and the seams of your mattress;
  • You have discovered bugs, eggs or yellowish cast skins bugs in some places in the room. These places can be: your mattress and box springs, your bedroom furniture, sofas your cushions, behind the baseboard behind the mouldings around window frames, cracks in the floor, in your books and in your clothes etc.

Find bed bugs in your apartment …

It’s confirmed, you are indeed experiencing the presence of bed bugs.

Know that if you are a tenant or owner of apartment building, you will act together in collaboration with the professional pest management to make the extermination procedure of bed bugs as simplest and efficient as possible. Otherwise, extermination will be difficult …

Here’s what you should do if you are a tenant or occupant:

  • 1. You have to inform your landlord as soon as possible that there is presence or signs of the presence of bed bugs home. If there are in other housing, your landlord will also let you know. If you do not live in a housing, call the exterminator immediately.
  • 2. Before the inspection of the exterminators, you have to make easy access to your home and declutter the places to facilitate the treatment and minimize hiding places where bed bugs can hide. Note that the more objects you have around, the more there could be bed bugs.
  • 3. Wash bedding in hot water and dry at high temperatures, while taking care to place them in airtight bags identified during transport and after drying. Leave it in the bag until there are no more bugs or until the exterminator will tell you.
  • 4. Always take care of following the strict directions given by your exterminator. If you want to know more about what you should do, you can consult this other article click here.

Here’s what you should do if you are the owner:

  • 1. Once you have confirmation of the presence of bed bugs, make contact immediately with a recognized professional exterminator.
  • 2. Facilitate access to the contaminated housing and other housing of the building so that exterminators ensure that the infestation is limited to a single housing.
  • 3. Always follow the advice and implement the recommendations of your exterminator at any time.
  • 4. Request always to pest management professionals to perform two insecticide treatments in order to completely exterminate the bugs, eggs and nymphs that have fled their hiding places after the first treatment.
  • 5. Ask for the written guarantee processing your exterminator and follow up every week with your tenants, after treatments. Follow to the letter the procedures to be followed that will recommend and advise your tenants.

Recommendations from your exterminator in Montreal

>> If you find bed bugs in your home, contact an exterminator immediately. The longer you wait, the more bugs will spread and infect your residence. Above all, do not be ashamed to talk about it.

>> Seek help from professional pest management before undertaking a pesticide insecticide treatment for yourself, even if it’s organic. The use of pesticides in an inappropriate manner could harm your health and could scare away bugs in another location of your property. The infestation is more widespread and could become uncontrollable.

>> Do not throw furniture or objects that you believe are infested. They can be processed without problems by the exterminator. Do not leave them on the side of the road without identifying that they contain bed bugs

>> Purge all unnecessary clutter and congestion in your home. The more you have things lying around, the more bugs will have places to hide. Observe the places where they could hide to help exterminators to do their job.

Do not live with the presence of bed bugs in your property. We can help you. Do not wait to contact us, do it today!

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